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Committee Projects – The Villages Memorial Park

Committee Projects

These past months have been a busy time for the Veterans memorial park with events that support the park and our veterans.

Adopt A Kid Adopt A Vet

This program is a major activity of the VMP Committee and began in the fall of 1999 at the Village Elementary School of Lady Lake, it was created to fill a serious “gap” in our children’s education, the absence of any meaningful instruction about what a Veteran is.

Brick Sales

are to commemorate U.S. Veterans past and present and may be purchased all year. Bricks are dedicated on November 11th during Veterans Day service. For information call VCD office 753-4508.


All Services take place at Veterans Memorial Park at Paige Place. Between Main Street and Bichara Blvd, exception is September 11. All services start at 10:00 am, except Sunday Services, and September 11.